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Developing Emotional College-Readiness for Child AND Parent


If the Varsity Blues scandal has taught us anything, it is that some parents are willing to risk nearly all to get their children admitted to the college or university of their choice, regardless of the reason or goodness-of-fit. Now add online schooling, isolation, and anxiety of a global pandemic to the mix! The stakes feel high, the seats seem few, and the stress is real. How has parenting come to this extreme and what are we to do about it?  Even if intentions are honorable, are we raising children to be confident with who they are and courageous enough to be authentic? Developmental psychologist Biz Renick Bracher, Ph.D. will hold a mirror up to the parenting practices that seem to be plaguing today’s adolescents and young adults in an effort to consider how to better prepare our children to launch themselves into the college years and beyond.  Dr. Bracher will also discuss how we can better support our children once they land on a college campus having to navigate their newfound freedoms in hopes of becoming responsible, independent, and resilient adults.