3 Ways to Donate to WEF

WEF-funded programs directly and indirectly benefit children across the entire system and are only possible through the contributions of generous donors like you.  We thank you for joining us in our effort to support our students and educators, as we continue to champion innovation and excellence in the Wellesley Public Schools. 
#1. Online Donations
Online donations can be made to our Annual Fund or to our Red Apple Program - which allows donors to make a gift in honor of educators within the Wellesley Public School System.
#2. Securities Donations

A gift of securities is a generous way to support WEF that can offer significant tax advantages for the donor. Gifts of appreciated securities generally allow for a charitable contribution by the donor for the current market value of the securities being donated. The donor benefits by not having to sell the securities, thereby avoiding the realization of a capital gain. Please consult with your tax or financial advisor to determine whether a gift of securities is particularly suited to your situation.


Should you wish to make a gift of stock to WEF, please download the authorization form below. 

#3. Check Donations
If you would like to donate to WEF by check, please download our donation form below, and return it to:

Wellesley Education Foundation
P.O. Box 812321
Wellesley, MA 02482

P.O. Box 812321

Wellesley, MA 02482

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