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Funding Criteria
Funding will be considered for:
  • Grant applications from individual Wellesley Public Schools educators, including professional development opportunities

  • Grant applications from the Wellesley Public Schools Administration for major initiatives

  • System-wide school grant applications by grade, department or curriculum, including professional development opportunities

  • Capital equipment or materials that enhance the curriculum and refine pedagogy

Important factors in grant application considerations:

  • Does the grant align with the Wellesley Public Schools Strategic Plan?

  • Does the grant align with the WEF Strategic Plan?

  • Does the grant provide maximum benefit to as many students as possible?

  • Does the grant enhance the core and supplemental parts of the curriculum, support new educational paradigms, and/or result in richer learning experiences?

  • Does the grant call for collaborative efforts between educators?

  • Is the grant application well-written, with a compelling explanation of the impact the grant will have on students in the Wellesley Public Schools?

WEF cannot support proposals for the following:

  • Most field trips

  • Refreshments

  • Decorations

Submission Process
  • Go to the Online Application and complete all required fieldsremembering to attach any additional information that you believe will help inform the Grant Committee’s consideration of your grant request

  • Click 'Submit' to send the application to WEF; Once submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment email from WEF

  • If you are unable to complete your application in one sitting, you can save your application and come back to it later; Click the 'Save' button to have a link emailed to you so that you may return to your application at a later time

  • Note that once your application is submitted, it will not be possible to make edits without WEF authorization. Please contact WEF if edits to your original application are necessary (such as revisions for amounts, quantities or service/vendor providers that will affect the review of the application)

  • Sample Grant Applications of previously-funded grant proposals are available for your review

  • History of Grants dating back to the 2010-2011 school year is also available for your review

Review & Approval Process

As indicated on the online application, applicants are asked to select from a drop down menu to indicate all applicable authorizations on their application.  All applications must include the Principal of their school.  Additional authorizations may be required depending on the following criteria:

  • If your proposal applies to a single elementary school, no additional administrators are required 

  • If your proposal applies to multiple elementary schools, please add the appropriate Pre-K - Grade 5 Curriculum Coordinator(s)

  • If your proposal applies to WHS or WMS, please add your respective Department Head (when applicable)

  • If your proposal applies to all schools, please add the appropriate Central Administration personnel (e.g., Director of Curriculum)


NOTE: In addition to the names provided below, all proposals that involve information technology will be automatically sent to Director of Technology, Kathy Dooley, for approval.

Once submitted, applications will be automatically forwarded to the Authorized Administrators - those principals, department heads and/or administrators who are required to review your application and whom you have listed on your application.   If these Authorized Administrators do not identify any reservations with your proposal, it will then proceed to WEF and WPS committee reviews.

WEF will follow up with further approval authorizations as applicable. WEF may contact the applicant for further information or clarifications.


WEF encourages the detailed completion of applications to facilitate the review and approval process. Please review the Sample Grant Applications for examples of previously-funded grant proposals.

Applicants will be informed of decisions via email. 

Grant Application Process Overview

WEF's mission is to advance innovation and excellence in the Wellesley Public Schools. The information below provides an overview of the criteria for funding of grants, the application requirements, and the process by which grants are reviewed and approved for funding.  Sample Grant Applications for previously-funded proposals, along with a History of Grants dating back to the 2010-2011 school year are also provided for your reference. For an overview of the changes in the upgraded grant application, please view the document below.

The deadline for submitting grant applications is Tuesday, January 16th, 2024.

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