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Did You Know?

WEF funded programs and grants reach thousands of students and teachers every day. By striving to provide a sense of belonging and purpose, WEF nurtures students on their journey to find their individual path.


DID YOU KNOW? is a series of highlighted grants used to showcase WEF's impact in the Wellesley Public Schools. To review all WEF grants funded since 2010, visit our Grant History page.

Racial and Diversity Consulting District-Wide: $40,000

WEF was the major sponsor of the racial and diversity assessment initiative for 2017-18. The objective is for the assessment to result in a comprehensive report that includes key findings, identified themes and patterns, and recommendations for moving forward.

Challenge Success at WHS: $14,600

WEF championed a new social-emotional initiative through the funding of the grant, "Challenge Success: Helping All Students Build Resiliency". The program is charged to improve school climate and promote student emotional health through needs assessment, development of an improvement plan, and professional development for educators.

STEM Education District-Wide: $78,000

WEF funded major investments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math across the district in 2016-2017.  This included a comprehensive strategic plan for expanding the elementary school curriculum, microscopes, incubators and 3D skeletal models for WHS Biology classrooms, technological tools for math education at WMS, and KIBO robots for hands-on engineering and programming in elementary schools.

World Language Pilot All-Elementary: $36,000

WEF is proud to sponsor the World Language Program. This grant paid for the development of the K through 5th grade World Language curriculum in collaboration with the department's Coordinator, Curriculum Specialist, and teachers in the district.  The program piloted in 2015-16, and is now in all K-3 students in the District, benefiting 1,450+ students.

METCO 50th Anniversary Authors' Workshop at WMS: $14,000

WEF proudly funded the 50th Anniversary of METCO Celebration at WMS in 2016-17. Through all-school reads of two novels, and visits by the authors, Kwame Alexander, and Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely, students had dialogue about modern day issues of race and racism, and celebrate the valuable diversity and opportunities the METCO program brings to WPS.

New Speakers and Lighting at WHS: $14,200

WEF has enhanced performing arts at WHS. New sound equipment was installed in the Little Theatre in 2017.  New lighting equipment was installed in both the Babson Auditorium and Little Theatre, enhancing the production learning experience.

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