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Ruth S. Walter

Environmental Education Fund

Through the generosity of the family and friends of Ruth S. Walter, a fund for environmental education was established in 1997, and remained active until 2015.  Under the management of WEF and at the direction of Matt King, Ruth’s son-in-law and former superintendent of Wellesley Public Schools, the Ruth S. Walter Environmental Education Fund invested close to $69,000 in 23 innovative grants between 1998 and 2015.  These grants were awarded to educators across the district and funded activities that promoted awareness of the outdoors and the environment among educators and their students.  Many grants directly involved students in these activities while others focused exclusively on professional and personal enrichment for teachers.

Ruth Walter was a long-time Wellesley resident, serving as a Town Meeting Member for 25 years and member of the Wellesley School Committee from 1967 through 1973.  Her love of family, Wellesley and the outdoors was expressed in many ways including, birding, gardening, and advocacy for the environment. The Ruth S. Walter Environmental Education Fund was established to celebrate and honor Ruth's life, her love of nature, her concern for the environment and her devotion to the public schools.

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