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Thank you to all who made our
33rd Annual Bee a Success!

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Congratulations to Hardy PTO who won with the word:

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White Paper

Make a Difference

Together, we can empower our young to become future leaders, innovators, and thinkers.

Please join us in our effort to support our students and educators as we continue to champion innovation and excellence in the Wellesley Public Schools.

Abstract Building

Only by inspiring both the hearts and minds of our students will we enable them to reach their full potential.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Safer Teachers, Safer Students: Back-to-School Testing Program:

Our Continued Impact

Test Tubes

Learnings from our pilot program have been leveraged to create a pathway for better, more cost-effective testing and safe school openings across the U.S. – serving as the basis of data used to develop a $10 billion funding program from the Biden Administration.

In addition, members of the Testing Collaborative have released a paper summarizing the results of our program. This manuscript has been posted and is currently under review. Click below to learn more about the program or to read the manuscript.

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