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Red Apple Program: Make a Donation

The Red Apple Program is a meaningful way for parents and students to show their appreciation to a teacher or staff member through a gift to the Wellesley Education Foundation in their name. Over the past 10 years, WEF funded grants totaling over $2.3 million, thanks to the generosity of Wellesley parents. Your donation supports WEF’s grants to educators in the Wellesley Public Schools to explore new instructional methods and to implement valuable enrichment programs for students. Like all donations to WEF, your contribution is tax deductible.

There is no minimum donation amount, and you may honor up to 10 teachers with a single donation (donations are not charged per teacher). Your honoree(s) will receive a Red Apple thank you e-card that includes your child’s name (but not the amount of your gift). When you give a Red Apple gift, you are paying tribute to your child’s teacher(s) while simultaneously supporting innovative educational programs.

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