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Pre-register for the STEM Expo on April 8, 2017 when we will once again transform Wellesley High into an interactive science museum.

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The EXPO is a hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) exposition including a speaker series, hands-on exhibits, workshops and a student work showcase transforming Wellesley High School into an interactive science center for a day. In addition to the EXPO itself, there are a series of events leading up to the big day, followed by several new, exciting events afterwards.

NEW Check out highlights from the 2014 and 2015 STEM Expos below!  In addition, you can view the keynote speeches from both Expos, as well as review descriptions of the exhibits and workshops featured during the 2015 Expo. 


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Edmund Bertschinger

WHS Auditorium, 2 pm

Dr. Edmund Bertschinger is Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An astrophysicist and cosmologist, Dr. Bertschinger explores cosmology, gravitation, and dark matter. He leads a research program studying galaxy formation, the physics of gravitation, and black holes. His program also studies the physics of dark matter in the early universe and the effects of the big bang on the formation of cosmic structure. His mission is to improve our understanding of the physical universe. He is devoted to education and has won numerous mentoring and teaching awards. Edmund Bertschinger holds a B.S. from the California Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. from Princeton University. He is a member of the Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research at MIT and also serves as MIT’s Institute Community and Equity Officer. His research has been published in numerous journals such as The Astrophysical Journal, Physical Review D, MNRAS, and Nature.

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