Our History

35+ years ago, as public schools in Massachusetts faced growing funding obstacles, the Wellesley Education Foundation began its mission of advancing innovation and excellence in the Wellesley Public Schools. Below is a timeline of WEF's development as an organization, along with a listing of its past Presidents.

2020 - 2021

Liz Larsen and Jenn Fallon

2019 - 2020

Maura Sullivan and Elizabeth Svedlund 

2018 - 2019

Victoria Ostler and Maria Chase

2016 - 2018

Susan Ryan and Erica Recht

2014 to 2016

Linda Chow and Carol Morrow

2012 - 2014

Annie Cohen and Michelle Arbeely

2010 - 2012

Patti Quigley and Anna Sereiko

2008 - 2010

Susan Doran and Laura Hockett

2006 - 2004

KC Kato and Terri Tsagaris

xxxx - 2004

Terri Tsagaris

xxxx - xxxx

Janet Larson

xxxx - xxxx

Arthur Priver

WEF Timeline 1984-1993.png

1984 - 1994

WEF, originally established as the Citizens of Wellesley Public Education (CWPE), was founded in 1984.


During its formative years, it awarded its initial grants and launched what is now the  beloved Annual Spelling Bee tradition.

WEF formally became known as the Wellesley Education Foundation in 1993.

1995 - 2005

During the mid 90's, WEF formed a committee to focus on broadening the organization's impact.

The Permanent Fund was established in 1996 with $25K in initial funding, and was further developed in 1998 through contributions from 10 generous donors (the Bradford Society). By 2004, the Permanent Fund had reached $1 million in assets.

This era also marked the launch of the Red Apple Program, which has become a staple WEF fundraiser.

WEF Timeline 1995-2004.png
WEF Timeline 2006-2020.png

2006 - 2021

For the past 15 years, WEF has continued to grow as an organization and to increase in impact in the Wellesley Public Schools.

In 2013, the Permanent Fund reached $2 million in assets, and in 2018, WEF surpassed $2 million in historical funding.


In the 2020-21 school year,  

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